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Family of Joseph R ROTH and Rita Lynn ARONOFF

Husband: Joseph R ROTH (1921-2010)
Wife: Rita Lynn ARONOFF (1925-1984)
Children: Jeffery Randall ROTH
Jonathan Richard ROTH
James Reid ROTH
Marriage Oct 14, 1944 Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Husband: Joseph R ROTH

Name: Joseph R ROTH
Sex: Male
Father: William R ROTH ( - )
Mother: Anna KLANFER ( - )
Birth Jul 14, 1921 Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Death Jun 27, 2010 (age 88) West Bloomfield, Oakland County, MI

Wife: Rita Lynn ARONOFF

Name: Rita Lynn ARONOFF
Sex: Female
Father: Isadore "Walter" Ward ARONOFF (1896-1968)
Mother: Adelyne Burnadine COHEN (1907-1983)
Birth Jun 15, 1925 Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Death Jan 3, 1984 (age 58) Bloomfield, MI

Child 1: Jeffery Randall ROTH

Name: Jeffery Randall ROTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Wendy Gail SAFFER

Child 2: Jonathan Richard ROTH

Name: Jonathan Richard ROTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Joan Kathy MARTIN (1949-2019)

Child 3: James Reid ROTH

Name: James Reid ROTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Julie Victoria FREUND