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Family of John David JASSY and Elayne MAY

Husband: John David JASSY

Wife: Elayne MAY

  • Name:

  • Elayne MAY

  • Sex:

  • Female

  • Father:

  • -

  • Mother:

  • -

  • Birth:

  • Jun, 1921

  • Detroit, Wayne County, MI

  • Death:

  • Apr 10, 1978 (age 56)

  • Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Child 1: John David JASSY

  • Name:

  • John David JASSY

  • Sex:

  • Male

  • Spouse (1):

  • Lynn

  • Spouse (2):

  • Karen KELLY

Child 2: Ronald Keith JASSY

Note on Husband: John David JASSY

Death Certificate rec'd 4/7/97 Took over Henry's Commercial loan corp.

at a young age, then lost the business to a partner. Took over a large

comm'l bldg in Lansing and developed it successfully, then went to FL

in 1971 to dvlp real estate. Land developer in Ft. Myers (per death

cert.) Married Judith Ryan, a spinster, about 5-6 months before he

died of pancreatic Ca in Nov 1981 Had a serious alcoholism problem.

Real name was David, but had nickname Johnny, and renamed himself John

David (?legally)

Note on Wife: Elayne MAY

Died of Cancer, March 1978