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Family of Herschel WEISSENBERG and Henna KLAPHOLZ

Husband: Herschel WEISSENBERG

Wife: Henna KLAPHOLZ

  • Name:

  • Henna KLAPHOLZ

  • Sex:

  • Female

  • Father:

  • -

  • Mother:

  • -

  • Birth:



Child 1: Eliahu KLAPHOLZ

Note on Husband: Herschel WEISSENBERG

Teamster by trade. First wife Henna died of natural causes before War;

Herschel re-married and had a second son. His wife and son hid from

Nazis in same bunker as Ch. Sh. Friedman, found and killed by Nazis

1942 . Herschel and son Eliahu were caught by Nazis in Aug. 1942

action, taken to village of Botchkov and shot, buried in mass grave

there. Yitzchak Friedman killed at same time.