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Family of Chaim Shlomo FRIEDMAN and Leah DERSHOWITZ

Husband: Chaim Shlomo FRIEDMAN (1913-1985)
Wife: Leah DERSHOWITZ ( -1942)
Children: Sheindel Raisel FRIEDMAN
Marriage 1938 Krakow, Poland

Husband: Chaim Shlomo FRIEDMAN

Name: Chaim Shlomo FRIEDMAN
Sex: Male
Father: Elyakim FRIEDMAN ( -c. 1920)
Mother: Sima WEISSENBERG ( -1943)
Birth 1913 Krakow, Poland
Death Oct 10, 1985 (age 71-72) Antwerp, Belgium
Burial Oct, 1985 Jerusalem, Israel


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1942 Bochnia, Poland

Child 1: Sheindel Raisel FRIEDMAN

Name: Sheindel Raisel FRIEDMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Yitzchak JACOB (1935-1994)

Note on Husband: Chaim Shlomo FRIEDMAN

1943 Fled to Czechoslovakia, then to Hungary, then freed to Bucharest

for 6 months in1945, then Hungary for 6 months, then Munich for 6

months, then Belgium for 3 years. To Israel for 8 years, then back to

Antwerp. Daughter by first wife named Sheindel survived the war,

lives in Antwerp had 7 children: Elazar, Rubin, Elyakim, Israel,

Aaron, Rivka-Sima, and Leah. Second wife named Rachel Son named

Elyakim lives in Brooklyn. Letter from Israelitische Gemeente Van

Antwerpen, 11/19/95 with family info. Buried in Jerusalem.

Note on Wife: Leah DERSHOWITZ

Hid in bunker in Bochnia while Chaim Shlomo went elsewhere, caught by

Nazis and killed, winter 1942