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Family of Jacobo SHERMAN and Leah KRELITZ

Husband: Jacobo SHERMAN
Wife: Leah KRELITZ (1917-1983)
Children: Max Meyer SHERMAN

Husband: Jacobo SHERMAN

Name: Jacobo SHERMAN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Leah KRELITZ

Name: Leah KRELITZ
Sex: Female
Father: Meir Krelitz HERSH (1872-1922)
Mother: Esther KAPULSKY (1875-c. 1918)
Birth 1917
Death 1983 (age 65-66)

Child 1: Max Meyer SHERMAN

Name: Max Meyer SHERMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rosy GORDON

Child 2: Esther SHERMAN

Name: Esther SHERMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Alberto BEJAR