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Family of Joseph Aaron POMERANCE and Jean COSKY

Husband: Joseph Aaron POMERANCE (1926-2001)
Wife: Jean COSKY
Children: Norman Jerome POMERANCE

Husband: Joseph Aaron POMERANCE

Name: Joseph Aaron POMERANCE
Sex: Male
Father: Tulley Joseph POMERANCE (1900-1963)
Mother: Dorothy BENSMAN (1900-1973)
Birth Aug 13, 1926 Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Occupation Pharmacist
Death Jun 15, 2001 (age 74) Lewisville, TX

Wife: Jean COSKY

Name: Jean COSKY
Sex: Female
Father: Herman COSKY ( - )
Mother: Bessie WEISS ( - )

Child 1: Norman Jerome POMERANCE

Name: Norman Jerome POMERANCE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Diane Linda YAPKO

Child 2: Sheryl Ann POMERANCE

Name: Sheryl Ann POMERANCE
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Charles SEIGERMAN
Spouse 2: Patrick Joseph O'KEEFE