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Family of Walter PULLMAN and Helga DUBEL

Husband: Walter PULLMAN (1923-2009)
Wife: Helga DUBEL (1921-2012)
Children: Gerald PULLMAN
Marriage Dec, 1948

Husband: Walter PULLMAN

Name: Walter PULLMAN
Sex: Male
Father: Nathan PULLMAN (1892-1986)
Mother: Lena (Levitsky) LEVINE (1895-1979)
Birth Oct 26, 1923 Jersey City, NJ
Death 2009 (age 85-86)

Wife: Helga DUBEL

Name: Helga DUBEL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1921 Frankfurt, Germany
Death Apr 22, 2012 (age 90-91) Alpharetta, GA

Child 1: Gerald PULLMAN

Name: Gerald PULLMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Beth GOLDEN

Child 2: Norman PULLMAN

Name: Norman PULLMAN
Sex: Male