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Family of Lester FISHER and Helen NELSON

Husband: Lester FISHER (1902-1962)
Wife: Helen NELSON ( - )
Children: Annette FISHER
Marriage May 29, 1922

Husband: Lester FISHER

Name: Lester FISHER
Sex: Male
Father: John Allen FISHER (1861-1954)
Mother: Jane (Jenny) CLARK ( - )
Birth Nov 3, 1902
Death 1962 (age 59-60)

Wife: Helen NELSON

Name: Helen NELSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Annette FISHER

Name: Annette FISHER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Willard CARLSON

Child 2: Robert FISHER

Name: Robert FISHER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Beverly HOPP