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Family of Dave SILVER and Gertrude "Gertie" FELDSTEIN

Husband: Dave SILVER (1911- )
Wife: Gertrude "Gertie" FELDSTEIN
Children: Michael SILVER
Sheldon "Shel" SILVER

Husband: Dave SILVER

Name: Dave SILVER
Sex: Male
Father: Mike SILVER (1905-1945)
Mother: Hanna FELDMAN ( - )
Birth Oct 24, 1911 Brooklyn, NY

Wife: Gertrude "Gertie" FELDSTEIN

Name: Gertrude "Gertie" FELDSTEIN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Michael SILVER

Name: Michael SILVER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Bari FINK

Child 2: Sheldon "Shel" SILVER

Name: Sheldon "Shel" SILVER
Sex: Male