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Family of Steven Leon CHATMAN and Cari Hope RUBIN

Husband: Steven Leon CHATMAN
Wife: Cari Hope RUBIN
Children: Brian Elliot CHATMAN (1984-2019)
Bradley Alan CHATMAN

Husband: Steven Leon CHATMAN

Name: Steven Leon CHATMAN
Sex: Male
Father: Leon CHATMAN (1923-1998)
Mother: Wada HANES

Wife: Cari Hope RUBIN

Name: Cari Hope RUBIN
Sex: Female
Father: David Henry RUBIN (1935-1997)
Mother: Roslyn LEVY

Child 1: Brian Elliot CHATMAN


Brian Elliot CHATMAN

Name: Brian Elliot CHATMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah E. SCHMEDES
Birth Mar 14, 1984 Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX
Death Dec 15, 2019 (age 35) Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX
Burial Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX
resides Fort Worth, TX

Child 2: Bradley Alan CHATMAN

Name: Bradley Alan CHATMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah SCHMEDES ( - )