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Family of Max Leopold MARGOLIS and Evelyn Kate ARONSON

Husband: Max Leopold MARGOLIS (1866-1932)
Wife: Evelyn Kate ARONSON (1878-1959)
Children: Caterine MARGOLIS ( - )
Max MARGOLIS (1915-1924)
Philip Isaac MARGOLIS (1915-2001)

Husband: Max Leopold MARGOLIS

Name: Max Leopold MARGOLIS
Sex: Male
Father: Isaac MARGOLIS (1842-1887)
Mother: Hinde BERNSTEIN ( - )
Birth Oct 15, 1866 Meretz, guberniya Wilna, Russia
Death 1932 (age 65-66)

Wife: Evelyn Kate ARONSON

Name: Evelyn Kate ARONSON
Sex: Female
Father: Philip Nathan ARONSON ( - )
Mother: Carrie GOLWATER ( - )
Birth Jan 21, 1878 San Francisco, CA
Death Sep 23, 1959 (age 81) Philadelphia, PA

Child 1: Caterine MARGOLIS

Name: Caterine MARGOLIS
Sex: Female

Child 2: Max MARGOLIS

Sex: Male
Birth Aug 17, 1915 Philadelphia, PA
Death 1924 (age 8-9) Palastein

Child 3: Philip Isaac MARGOLIS

Name: Philip Isaac MARGOLIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mina Levi CASPER (1916-2000)
Birth Aug 17, 1915 Philadelphia, PA
Title Sr.
Death Apr 10, 2001 (age 85) Rydal, PA

Note on Husband: Max Leopold MARGOLIS

Max Leopold Margolis (born at Meretz, district (guberniya) of Wilna,

Russia (now Vilnius, Lithuania), October 15, 1866?1932) was a

Lithuanian-born American philologist. Son of Isaac Margolis; educated

at the elementary school of his native town, the Leibniz gymnasium,

Berlin, and Columbia University, New York city (Ph.D. 1891). In 1891

he was appointed to a fellowship in Semitic languages at Columbia

University, and from 1892 to 1897 he was instructor, and later

assistant professor, of Hebrew language and Biblical exegesis at the

Hebrew Union College of Cincinnati. In 1897 he became assistant

professor of Semitic languages in the University of California; in

1898, associate professor; and from 1902 the head of the Semitic

department. When Dropsie College was formed in 1909, Margolis was

chosen as Professor of Biblical Philology, remaining at Dropsie

College until his death in 1932.

Margolis was named editor-in-chief of the Jewish Publication Society's

translation of the Bible into English, the finished product being

published in 1917. He served as president of the Society of Biblical

Literature as editor of the Journal of Biblical Literature

(1914-1921). He was also editor of the Journal of the American

Oriental Society.