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Family of Jacob (Goodstein) GUTOWITZ and Miriam GOODSTEIN

Husband: Jacob (Goodstein) GUTOWITZ (1904-1953)
Wife: Miriam GOODSTEIN (1903-1987)
Children: Barbara Ray GOODSTEIN (1932-2013)
Marriage Sep, 1927 Knoxville, Knox County, TN

Husband: Jacob (Goodstein) GUTOWITZ

Name: Jacob (Goodstein) GUTOWITZ
Sex: Male
Father: Pesach GUTOWITZ ( - )
Mother: Tsivia GUTOWITZ ( - )
Birth Feb 18, 1904 Lomza, Poland
Immigration 1927 (age 22-23)
Death Feb 13, 1953 (age 48) Knoxville, Knox County, TN

Wife: Miriam GOODSTEIN

Name: Miriam GOODSTEIN
Sex: Female
Father: Yankov Leib GOODSTEIN ( - )
Mother: Chaiya LEVYIN ( -1907)
Birth Oct 11, 1903 Plonsk, Poland
Immigration 1921 (age 17-18)
Death May 2, 1987 (age 83) Chattanooga, TN

Child 1: Barbara Ray GOODSTEIN

Name: Barbara Ray GOODSTEIN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Sherwin Bernard RUBIN
Birth Jul 23, 1932 Knoxville, Knox County, TN
Bat Mitzvah Jun 27, 1998 (age 65) Fort Worth, TX
Death Dec 16, 2013 (age 81) Fort Worth, TX
Burial Dec 18, 2013 Knoxville, Knox County, TN
resided Fort Worth, TX

Child 2: Marcia GOODSTEIN

Name: Marcia GOODSTEIN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jay MENUSKIN (1937-2017)

Note on Husband: Jacob (Goodstein) GUTOWITZ

Came to US 1927. Had two half brothers and a half sister in New York.

Morris (Gutowicz) Goody

Sam (Gutowicz) Goody

Jennie Silberberg

There were four sisters and a brother in Lomza that were killed in

the holocaust.

Note on Wife: Miriam GOODSTEIN

Came to US 1921 to her sister Yetta Tobe.

Mariam was one of 8 children.

Listed in order:

Moshe Goodstein

Yetta Tobe

Elka Levyin

Rivka Jacobs Krauss

Toba Davis

Albert Goodstein

Ben Goodstein

Mariam Goodstein