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Family of Ipser J. GERSUK and Elizabeth PARISEAULT

Husband: Ipser J. GERSUK (1918-1996)
Wife: Elizabeth PARISEAULT
Children: John GERSUK
Stephen H. GERSUK
Patricia GERSUK

Husband: Ipser J. GERSUK

Name: Ipser J. GERSUK
Sex: Male
Father: Israel GERSUK (1884-1971)
Mother: -
Birth Mar 28, 1918
Death Nov 1, 1996 (age 78) McLean, VA

Wife: Elizabeth PARISEAULT

Name: Elizabeth PARISEAULT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: John GERSUK

Name: John GERSUK
Sex: Male

Child 2: Stephen H. GERSUK

Name: Stephen H. GERSUK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann POTTS

Child 3: Joseph GERSUK

Name: Joseph GERSUK
Sex: Male

Child 4: Patricia GERSUK

Name: Patricia GERSUK
Sex: Female
Spouse: CAVANAUGH ( - )

Child 5: Mark GERSUK

Name: Mark GERSUK
Sex: Male