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Family of Samuel SESSLER and Agnes B. PERLSTEIN

Husband: Samuel SESSLER (c. 1888-1974)
Wife: Agnes B. PERLSTEIN (1891-1926)
Children: Claire Irene SESSLER (1917-1983)
Marriage Dec 24, 1916 New York, NY

Husband: Samuel SESSLER

Name: Samuel SESSLER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1888 Russia
Death Apr 12, 1974 (age 85-86) Los Angeles County, CA

Wife: Agnes B. PERLSTEIN

Name: Agnes B. PERLSTEIN
Sex: Female
Father: Abraham PERLSTEIN (1855-1903)
Mother: Amelia PERLMAN (1858-1927)
Birth Jul 23, 1891 New York, NY
Death Mar 26, 1926 (age 34) New York, NY

Child 1: Claire Irene SESSLER

Name: Claire Irene SESSLER
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Max ROTH (1918-1998)
Birth Sep 21, 1917 New York, NY
Death May 15, 1983 (age 65) Los Angeles County, CA