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Family of Lawrence J. MICHELSON and Helen "Pinky" EHRLICH

Husband: Lawrence J. MICHELSON (1903-1997)
Wife: Helen "Pinky" EHRLICH (1912-2002)
Children: Sally MICHELSON
James Ascher MICHELSON
Marriage Jan 9, 1935 Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Husband: Lawrence J. MICHELSON

Name: Lawrence J. MICHELSON
Sex: Male
Father: Lehman "Leo" MICHELSOHN (Michelson) (1872-1954)
Mother: Pauline ASCHER (1873-1945)
Birth Apr 15, 1903 Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Death Mar 30, 1997 (age 93)

Wife: Helen "Pinky" EHRLICH

Name: Helen "Pinky" EHRLICH
Sex: Female
Father: Moe EHRLICH (1876-1963)
Mother: Clara (1878-1945)
Birth Aug 10, 1912
Death Sep 12, 2002 (age 90)

Child 1: Sally MICHELSON

Sex: Female
Spouse: Sally Michelsohn's husband DAVIDSON ( - )

Child 2: James Ascher MICHELSON

Name: James Ascher MICHELSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Bonnie (1942-2014)

Note on Husband: Lawrence J. MICHELSON

According to the Social Security Death Index, Lawrence was living in

Southfield, Michigan, when he died.