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Family of Lehman "Leo" MICHELSOHN (Michelson) and Pauline ASCHER

Husband: Lehman "Leo" MICHELSOHN (Michelson) (1872-1954)
Wife: Pauline ASCHER (1873-1945)
Children: Max L. MICHELSON (1900-1956)
Lawrence J. MICHELSON (1903-1997)
Lena (Alyce) MICHELSON (1905-2004)
Lillian Rose MICHELSON (1909-2000)
Marriage Dec 27, 1898 Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Husband: Lehman "Leo" MICHELSOHN (Michelson)

Name: Lehman "Leo" MICHELSOHN (Michelson)
Sex: Male
Father: Michaelaus MICHELSOHN (1842-1873)
Mother: Adeline "Lina" LEWIN (1854-1889)
Birth May 24, 1872 Kronin, Germany
Immigration c. 1895 (age 22-23) to New York, NY
Naturalisation 1902 (age 29-30)
Death Apr 9, 1954 (age 81) Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Burial Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Wife: Pauline ASCHER

Name: Pauline ASCHER
Sex: Female
Father: Simon Abraham ASCHER (1841-1914)
Mother: Bertha LEWYN (1839-1913)
Birth Feb 8, 1873 Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Death Feb 11, 1945 (age 72) Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Burial Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Child 1: Max L. MICHELSON

Sex: Male
Spouse: Ruth BRITENBACH ( - )
Birth Jan 12, 1900 Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Death Jan 31, 1956 (age 56) Bay City, MI

Child 2: Lawrence J. MICHELSON

Name: Lawrence J. MICHELSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Helen "Pinky" EHRLICH (1912-2002)
Birth Apr 15, 1903 Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Death Mar 30, 1997 (age 93)

Child 3: Lena (Alyce) MICHELSON

Name: Lena (Alyce) MICHELSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Herman ROSENBLATT ( - )
Birth Nov 17, 1905 Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Death Dec 28, 2004 (age 99) Minneapolis, MN

Child 4: Lillian Rose MICHELSON

Name: Lillian Rose MICHELSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Horace Julius HABER (1907-1971)
Birth Sep 9, 1909 Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Death May 3, 2000 (age 90)
Burial Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Note on Husband: Lehman "Leo" MICHELSOHN (Michelson)

Leo Michelson, born in Germany on May 22, 1872 arrived in New York in

1895. From there he went to Cincinnati to join family members. In 1898

he married Pauline Ascher, a native Detroiter. She died in 1945. Until

Prohibition, Mr. Michelson was in the wholesale liquor business as a

member of the firm I. Michelson & Brothers (of Cincinnati),

representing them in Michigan. He then became an insurance business

man, associated with Fred A. Ginsburg Co. President of Montefiore

Lodge, and because of his devotion to this organization, they created

the Michelson Service Fund. He was also a life member of Temple Beth

El, Detroit Historical Society, and the Elks He had four children:

Max, Lawrence, Lillian (Haber), and Alyce (Rosenblatt).

Note on Wife: Pauline ASCHER

As of 1910, Pauline had four children, all of them still living. She

and her husband also had a servant living with them. Her name was

Sarah Berney, and she was born in Canada in 1888. Sarah was divorced

and had one child who didn't live there with her.

Ernestine Ascher Sgro remembered going to "Aunt Polly's" house after

her father's funeral in 1935. Pauline's house was "palacial" compared

to what Ernie was used to. She remembered Pauline sitting at the head

of the table, and she rang a little bell -- tinkle tinkle. The maid

came, and Pauline said "Lottie, bring me a glass of water." Ernie

remembered this 70 years later, so it must have made a big impression

on her.