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Family of Ben Zion BRUMMER and Cypora WEISSENBERG

Husband: Ben Zion BRUMMER (1906-1999)
Wife: Cypora WEISSENBERG (1909-1997)
Children: Joseph BRUMMER (1939-1939)
Charles Sidney BRUMMER
Barry David BRUMMER
Marriage Jul 12, 1935 Berlin, Germany

Husband: Ben Zion BRUMMER

Name: Ben Zion BRUMMER
Sex: Male
Father: Shlomo BRUMER (1876-1942)
Mother: -
Birth Apr 23, 1906 Lutowiska, Poland
Death Jul 2, 1999 (age 93) Mountain View, CA
Burial Jul 6, 1999 Colma, CA


Sex: Female
Father: Chaim Shlomo WEISSENBERG (1870-1940)
Mother: Tamar JASSY (1867-1942)
Birth Feb 10, 1909 Nowy Sacz, Poland
Death Sep 19, 1997 (age 88) Los Altos, CA
Burial Sep 22, 1997 Colma, CA

Child 1: Joseph BRUMMER

Name: Joseph BRUMMER
Sex: Male
Birth 1939 Berlin, Germany
Death 1939 (age 0) Atlantic Ocean
Burial 1939 Atlantic Ocean

Child 2: Charles Sidney BRUMMER

Name: Charles Sidney BRUMMER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Beth Louise RADEN

Child 3: Barry David BRUMMER

Name: Barry David BRUMMER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Linda Karen STEINBERGER

Note on Husband: Ben Zion BRUMMER

Sailed from Hamburg, Germany to Havana, Cuba aboard ship "Orinoco"

1/25/39 - 2/14/39. (Orinoco not in Morton Allen OR in "Ships of our

Ancestors", Anuta) Have copy of ticket Zita says lived on "Cuba

St.#6", near port of Havana; family saw ship "St. Louis" at dock in

Havana before it was turned back. Hagens lived at 53 Tejadillo St. in

Havana, Aguiar Barrio Spent app. 6 weeks in Zbaszyn detention camp

following Kristallnacht 10 NOV 1938 (Per Martin Gilbert book, roundup

of 15000 Polish Male Jews occured in Oct, 1938; Kristallnacht on 8

Nov. Per Lucy Davidovicz, Zbaszyn deportation occured on Oct 28

(Friday) and Ben remembers it was a Friday) Named after BenZion

Halberstam, Bobover Rebbe Lived in Lutowiska until app. age 6-7, then

to Zmigrod, until went to Berlin in 1922 or 3 (must have lived in

Baligrod short time, since Chaim born there in 1909) Lived with

parents and sibs in Berlin on Linienstrasse In Berlin, tailor business

at Prenzlauer Strasse 4, Berlin

Note on Wife: Cypora WEISSENBERG

Came to Berlin from Neusandec in 1919 Address in Berlin: No. 43,

Linienstrasse 10 with parents. Later Prenzlauer Strasse 4 (Chaim

Shlomo W.lived with Ben and Zita) Tziporah Bat Chaim Shlomo Per her

diary, had an ectopic pregnancy Oct.20, 1935; Civil marriage, Berlin,

March 5, 1935