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Family of Isaac Leib HAGEN and Bertha WEISSENBERG

Husband: Isaac Leib HAGEN (1905-c. 1965)
Wife: Bertha WEISSENBERG (1905-1976)
Children: Ruth HAGEN
Max Moses HAGEN
Marriage c. 1925 Magdeburg, Germany

Husband: Isaac Leib HAGEN

Name: Isaac Leib HAGEN
Sex: Male
Father: Meilich HAGEN ( - )
Mother: Raisel ( - )
Birth Nov 23, 1905 Sieniawa, Poland
Death c. 1965 (age 59-60) Miami Beach, FL


Sex: Female
Father: Chaim Shlomo WEISSENBERG (1870-1940)
Mother: Tamar JASSY (1867-1942)
Birth Jun 1, 1905 Nowy Sacz, Poland
Death 1976 (age 70-71)

Child 1: Ruth HAGEN

Name: Ruth HAGEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Clifford Daniel ALPER

Child 2: Max Moses HAGEN

Name: Max Moses HAGEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Barbara KAUFMAN

Note on Husband: Isaac Leib HAGEN

Ben says Leib and Heschel knew all the Psalms by heart. When in

Germany, used to daven Mincha daily, even if by leaving road to daven

under a tree