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Family of Sylvan "Mike" ROSENBAUM and Edna "Eddie" WEILAND

Husband: Sylvan "Mike" ROSENBAUM (1906-1995)
Wife: Edna "Eddie" WEILAND (1910-2005)
Children: Caroline Marcia ROSENBAUM (1937-1993)
Edwin S "Butch" ROSENBAUM

Husband: Sylvan "Mike" ROSENBAUM

Name: Sylvan "Mike" ROSENBAUM
Sex: Male
Father: Edwin S. ROSENBAUM (1876-1944)
Mother: Carolyn STERN (1882-1933)
Birth Oct 19, 1906 Kalamazoo, MI
Death Oct 22, 1995 (age 89) Sarasota, FL

Wife: Edna "Eddie" WEILAND

Name: Edna "Eddie" WEILAND
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth May 15, 1910 Cadillac, MI
Death Jun 19, 2005 (age 95) Tempe, AZ

Child 1: Caroline Marcia ROSENBAUM

Name: Caroline Marcia ROSENBAUM
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Wayne Thomas BLOSSOM (Jessop)
Spouse 2: Garry Ralph HAMACHER
Birth Apr 2, 1937 Kalamazoo, MI
Death Jan 7, 1993 (age 55) Valparaiso, IN

Child 2: Edwin S "Butch" ROSENBAUM

Name: Edwin S "Butch" ROSENBAUM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Joan BILJUM

Note on Husband: Sylvan "Mike" ROSENBAUM

Graduate of University of Michigan. Worked as attorney in Chicago.

Returned to Kalamazoo, worked in family Business (Kalamazoo Pant

Company) as CEO. Retired to Sarasota, Florida around 1968 after sale

of company.