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Family of Wayne Thomas BLOSSOM (Jessop) and Caroline Marcia ROSENBAUM

Husband: Wayne Thomas BLOSSOM (Jessop)

Wife: Caroline Marcia ROSENBAUM

Child 1: Michael Wayne JESSOP

  • Name:

  • Michael Wayne JESSOP

  • Sex:

  • Male

  • Spouse:

  • Jennifer PAIGE

  • Birth:

  • May 27, 1962

  • Kalamazoo, MI

  • resided:

  • 1968 (age 5-6)

  • Valparaiso, IN

  • resided:

  • Apr, 2005 (age 42)

  • Eugene, OR

  • Death:

  • Dec 12, 2011 (age 49)

  • Eugene, OR

Child 2: Laura Lynn JESSOP

Child 3: Anne Marie JESSOP

Note on Wife: Caroline Marcia ROSENBAUM

Carolyn Marcia Rosenbaum was born on April 2, 1937 in

Kalamazoo, MI at Borgess Hospital. She was named after her two

grandmothers, Carolyn Stern Rosenbaum and Matilda Christensen Wieland.

Carolyn attended Kingswood School Cranbrook (highschool) from

1952-1955. Here Carolyn enjoyed ceramics and excelled as ping pong

champion of her class. Carolyn attended the University of Michigan

(Ann Arbor)from 1955-1959. She was a member of the Alpha-Omicron Pi

sorority. During the summers, she worked for Dr. Keith Bennett as a

receptionest and assistant. In 1959, she graduated from school and

moved to Chicago, IL (Oak Park) where she taught English at Westleyden

Highschool in Franklin Park.

In 1959, Carolyn met Wayne T. Jessop at the wedding of mutual

friends. They were married on July 1, 1960 in Kensley Chaptal in

Kalamazoo, MI. In March, 1962, they moved from Chicago to Kalamazoo,

MI. Three children were born to them in Kalamazoo: Michael Wayne(May

27, 1962), Laura Lynn (April 7, 1964), and Anne Marie (June 20, 1966).

The family moved to Valparaiso, IN in 1968 where Wayne worked

at Valparaiso University and Carolyn was a home maker. They resided

at 556 Gene Lane, Valparaiso, IN 46383. In December, 1971, Carolyn

set out to get a divorce, which became final in February, 1972. After

the divorce, Carolyn worked as a secretary for Coca-Cola Foods

Division. In 1974, Carolyn married Garry Ralph Hamacher, who had no

children. The couple did not have any more children.

In 1981/1982, Carolyn returned to college. She obtained an

Alcoholism Science degree and began working for Porter Stark Services

as an outpatient counselor. She counseled both groups and individuals

and loved her work.

In 1980, Carolyn had surgery to remove a malignant tumor which

had ruptured her colon. She was cancer free for more than five years.

Then her three pack a day cigarette habit caught up with her when she

developed lung cancer. She courageously fought lung cancer on/off for

approximately six years before succumbing to the disease. Carolyn

died in the Valparaiso Hospital on January 7, 1993, five days after

returning home from a two week trip to Sarasota, Florida for an

extended family reunion. She was cremated.

Carolyn is remembered for her love of humanity and her

terrific sense of humor. She was well loved and respected by those

who knew her. She was an inspiration to everyone as she courageously

fought the cancer that eventually killed her. Her doctors said there

was no physical reason for her to be alive during the last six months

of her life--she was living on pure will power.

Carolyn was survied by her husband and three children--her

seven grandchildren (two of whom were in the womb at the time of her

death)-- her parents Sylan "Mike" Rosenbaum and Edna Mae Wieland

Rosenbaum--and her brother, Edwin S. "Butch" Rosenbaum and his family.