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Family of Morey R. BENSMAN and Dorothy HORWITZ

Husband: Morey R. BENSMAN (1906-1999)
Wife: Dorothy HORWITZ (1916-2002)
Children: Susan Ann BENSMAN

Husband: Morey R. BENSMAN

Name: Morey R. BENSMAN
Sex: Male
Father: Ben BENSMAN (1880-1966)
Mother: Ida SCHUSER ( -1961)
Birth Dec 6, 1906 Peoria, IL
Death May 24, 1999 (age 92) Milwaukee, WI
Burial May 26, 1999 Milwaukee, WI

Wife: Dorothy HORWITZ

Name: Dorothy HORWITZ
Sex: Female
Father: Sam HORWITZ ( -1968)
Mother: Rose ( - )
Birth Oct 27, 1916 Milwaukee, WI
Death Oct 21, 2002 (age 85) Milwaukee, WI

Child 1: Susan Ann BENSMAN

Name: Susan Ann BENSMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Arthur Herbert SILVER

Note on Husband: Morey R. BENSMAN

a lawyer, a writer, and published author