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Family of Louis L. BENSMAN and Blanche Ruth KAHN

Husband: Louis L. BENSMAN (1912-2005)
Wife: Blanche Ruth KAHN (1916-1944)
Children: Alan Stanley BENSMAN
Marriage Oct 25, 1936 Chicago, Cook Co, IL

Husband: Louis L. BENSMAN

Name: Louis L. BENSMAN
Sex: Male
Father: Ben BENSMAN (1880-1966)
Mother: Ida SCHUSER ( -1961)
Birth Apr 7, 1912 Peoria, IL
Death Feb 19, 2005 (age 92)
resided Milwaukee, WI
resided Minneapolis, MN

Wife: Blanche Ruth KAHN

Name: Blanche Ruth KAHN
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph KAHN (1890-1939)
Mother: Anna GLUSKER (1892-1970)
Birth Apr 23, 1916 Chicago, Cook Co, IL
Death Nov 10, 1944 (age 28) Milwaukee, WI

Child 1: Alan Stanley BENSMAN

Name: Alan Stanley BENSMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Carol GOODMAN

Child 2: Diane Lee BENSMAN

Name: Diane Lee BENSMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Burton Gerald WEISBERG

Note on Husband: Louis L. BENSMAN

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1936.

During World War II, he served as a Captain in the US Army Medical

Corp. He was a general practitioner for 20 years. In 1961 he took

residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and after

completing his residency he moved to Minneapolis to be near his

children. He was on the staff at Sister Kenny Institute, and then

became Medical Director of Rehabilitation Medicine at Mount Sinai

Hospital. He was last affiliated with Methodist Hospital, and retired

in 1982. He was a member of the Minnesota Medical Association and

Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.