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Family of Benjamin Franklin PENDARVIS and Adelaide TISDALE

Husband: Benjamin Franklin PENDARVIS (1858-1912)
Wife: Adelaide TISDALE (1861- )
Children: Kathryn Estelle "Kate" PENDARVIS (1892-1979)

Husband: Benjamin Franklin PENDARVIS

Name: Benjamin Franklin PENDARVIS
Sex: Male
Father: Benjamin Henry PENDARVIS ( - )
Mother: Annie Elizabeth COX ( - )
Birth Oct 27, 1858
Death Mar 1, 1912 (age 53)

Wife: Adelaide TISDALE

Name: Adelaide TISDALE
Sex: Female
Father: Nathan TISDALE (1831-1901)
Mother: Catherine LAMONT (1839-1903)
Birth Jun 1, 1861

Child 1: Kathryn Estelle "Kate" PENDARVIS

Name: Kathryn Estelle "Kate" PENDARVIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Johnny William MAXWELL ( - )
Birth Jan 18, 1892 Tullos, LA
Death Jul 10, 1979 (age 87) Winfield, LA

Note on Husband: Benjamin Franklin PENDARVIS

Benjamin Franklin Pendarvis and his wife, Adelaide Tisdale, had 10


The Pendarvises were originally from England, first settled in

Carolina and then in Pike County, MS.