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Family of Johnny William MAXWELL and Kathryn Estelle "Kate" PENDARVIS

Husband: Johnny William MAXWELL ( - )
Wife: Kathryn Estelle "Kate" PENDARVIS (1892-1979)
Children: Vonnie Vee MAXWELL ( - )
Max William MAXWELL ( - )
Oleta Pearl MAXWELL ( - )
Kathren Merle MAXWELL ( - )
Johnny Waldo MAXWELL ( - )
Herbert Glennister MAXWELL ( - )
Marriage Jul 25, 1917 Rochelle, LA

Husband: Johnny William MAXWELL

Name: Johnny William MAXWELL
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Kathryn Estelle "Kate" PENDARVIS

Name: Kathryn Estelle "Kate" PENDARVIS
Sex: Female
Father: Benjamin Franklin PENDARVIS (1858-1912)
Mother: Adelaide TISDALE (1861- )
Birth Jan 18, 1892 Tullos, LA
Death Jul 10, 1979 (age 87) Winfield, LA

Child 1: Vonnie Vee MAXWELL

Name: Vonnie Vee MAXWELL
Sex: Female

Child 2: Max William MAXWELL

Name: Max William MAXWELL
Sex: Male

Child 3: Oleta Pearl MAXWELL

Name: Oleta Pearl MAXWELL
Sex: Female

Child 4: Kathren Merle MAXWELL

Name: Kathren Merle MAXWELL
Sex: Female

Child 5: Johnny Waldo MAXWELL

Name: Johnny Waldo MAXWELL
Sex: Male

Child 6: Herbert Glennister MAXWELL

Name: Herbert Glennister MAXWELL
Sex: Male

Note on Wife: Kathryn Estelle "Kate" PENDARVIS

She attended Normal (now Northwestern State University in

Natchitoches, LA). Taught school in Tullos (LaSalle Parish) and in

Grant Parish before marrying Johnie William Maxwell. Johnie and

Kathryn (Kate) lived in Rochelle where Johnie worked for the Tremont

Mill. They had 6 children: Vonnie Vee, Max William, Oleta Pearl,

Kathren Merle, Johnny Waldo, and Herbert Glennister. When children

were young, Johnie and Kathryn moved to West Carroll Parish to farm.

In 1941, they moved to Tullos where they remained the rest of their

lives. Johnie first ran a service station and than a magneto and waco

repair shop. Kate was a housewife and wrote poetry and worked algebra

problems for fun and to help her grandchildren.