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Family of James Kennon DABNEY and Sarah Emory TABB

Husband: James Kennon DABNEY (1813-1892)
Wife: Sarah Emory TABB (1828- )
Children: James DABNEY (1849- )
Thomas Todd DABNEY (1850- )
Lucy T. DABNEY (1853- )
Jane Lee DABNEY (1855- )
Evelyn DABNEY (1856- )
Franklin P. DABNEY (1858- )
William Forman DABNEY (1864- )
Marriage Dec 23, 1847

Husband: James Kennon DABNEY

Name: James Kennon DABNEY
Sex: Male
Father: James DABNEY ( - )
Mother: Eliza PERRIN ( - )
Birth Sep 25, 1813 Gloucester County, VA
Death Jan 6, 1892 (age 78)

Wife: Sarah Emory TABB

Name: Sarah Emory TABB
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas Todd TABB (1782-1835)
Mother: Elizabeth FORMAN ( - )
Birth 1828

Child 1: James DABNEY

Name: James DABNEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Marian KEANE ( - )
Birth 1849 Gloucester County, VA

Child 2: Thomas Todd DABNEY

Name: Thomas Todd DABNEY
Sex: Male
Birth 1850 Gloucester County, VA

Child 3: Lucy T. DABNEY

Name: Lucy T. DABNEY
Sex: Female
Spouse: James DUNCAN ( - )
Birth 1853 Gloucester County, VA

Child 4: Jane Lee DABNEY

Name: Jane Lee DABNEY
Sex: Female
Birth 1855 Gloucester County, VA

Child 5: Evelyn DABNEY

Name: Evelyn DABNEY
Sex: Female
Birth 1856 Gloucester County, VA

Child 6: Franklin P. DABNEY

Name: Franklin P. DABNEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary STANDLEY ( - )
Birth 1858 Gloucester County, VA

Child 7: William Forman DABNEY

Name: William Forman DABNEY
Sex: Male
Birth 1864 Gloucester County, VA

Note on Husband: James Kennon DABNEY

James Kennon Dabney was born to Dr. James and Eliza (Perrin) Dabney

September 25, 1813, at The Exchange in Gloucester County, Virginia.1

He married Sarah Emory Tabb December 23, 1847. They had seven

children: James, born in 1849; Thomas Todd, born in 1850; Lucy T. born

in 1853; Jane Lee, born in 1855; Evelyn, born in 1856; Franklin P.,

born in 1858; and William Forman, born in May, 1864.

He inherited his farm called The Exchange from his father, Dr. James

Dabney. He was listed in the 1850-1880 censuses as a farmer in

Gloucester County, Virginia, with land valued at $19,000-$36,000.

During August - November, 1865, he took steps to apply for amnesty as

a resident of a Confederate state under the Proclamation of 29 May

1865 by President Andrew Johnson. Because the Proclamation excluded

persons with a net worth over $20,000, whose property was vulnerable

to confiscation, he stated that the last assessment of his property

was overvalued at $21,702 and included a grist mill valued at $4,000

that was burned by Union soldiers reducing his assets to $17,702.

With the petition, he submitted a certificate confirming that he had

taken an oath of loyalty and support for the proclamations of

emancipation of slaves. His petition was approved the same day that

it was filed in Washington. He died January 6, 1892.