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Family of Michael (Carr) CARCATERRA and Edith BERGMAN

Husband: Michael (Carr) CARCATERRA (1899- )
Wife: Edith BERGMAN ( - )
Marriage New York, NY

Husband: Michael (Carr) CARCATERRA

Name: Michael (Carr) CARCATERRA
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jul 4, 1899 St. Anne de Beaupre, Quebec, Canada
Death Queens, NY

Wife: Edith BERGMAN

Name: Edith BERGMAN
Sex: Female
Father: Sydney BERGMAN ( -1918)
Mother: Sofia BEHRMAN (1889-1963)

Note on Husband: Michael (Carr) CARCATERRA

Michael and Edith were more then a married couple, they were

lovers till the day they died.

Michael was so beloved by all who knew him and especially by

myself and my cousin Phillip Schmidt.

Although a Roman Catholic, he was always respectful of our

Jewish faith and traditions. He always wore a Kippah at services and


I loved him and miss him very much.

- Rachel Ehrenberg