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Family of Isidore (Irving) EHRENBERG and Sylvia BERGMAN

  • Husband:

  • Isidore (Irving) EHRENBERG (1915-2005)

  • Wife:

  • Sylvia BERGMAN (1915-1984)

  • Children:

  • Rachel EHRENBERG

  • Marriage:



Husband: Isidore (Irving) EHRENBERG

Wife: Sylvia BERGMAN

Child 1: Rachel EHRENBERG

  • Name:

  • Rachel EHRENBERG

  • Sex:

  • Female

Note on Husband: Isidore (Irving) EHRENBERG

Irving Ehrenberg was a taxi owner-operator in NYC for over 40 years.

This alone makes him special! He was a loving and decent man. Active

member of the Bellerose Jewish Center and the Samuel Field YMHA. Past

President of the Senior group at the Y.

Note on Wife: Sylvia BERGMAN

My mother was very loved in her community. She was on the PTA and

worked for the Rabbi at the Bellerose Jewish Center. She was a

wonderful cook and although blind in one eye and suffering from facial

paralysis, managed to keep a home and be a productive member of


- Rachel Ehrenberg