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Family of Hyme MILLER and Libby EPSTEIN

Husband: Hyme MILLER ( -c. 1936)
Wife: Libby EPSTEIN (1886-1957)
Children: Rosamond MILLER (c. 1906-1975)

Husband: Hyme MILLER

Name: Hyme MILLER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Death c. 1936

Wife: Libby EPSTEIN

Name: Libby EPSTEIN
Sex: Female
Father: Moshe (Zacuto) EPSTEIN (1861-1913)
Mother: Augusta SCHRENTZ (1861-1954)
Birth 1886 Sislevitch, Poland
Death 1957 (age 70-71) Los Angeles, CA

Child 1: Rosamond MILLER

Name: Rosamond MILLER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Gilbert SEIDEN (c. 1905-c. 1985)
Birth c. 1906
Death 1975 (age 68-69) Columbus, OH