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Family of Arnor RUBACH and Jennie EPSTEIN

Husband: Arnor RUBACH (c. 1890-c. 1951)
Wife: Jennie EPSTEIN (1899-1988)
Children: Stanford RUBACH
Charlotte RUBACH

Husband: Arnor RUBACH

Name: Arnor RUBACH
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1890
Death c. 1951 (age 60-61)

Wife: Jennie EPSTEIN

Name: Jennie EPSTEIN
Sex: Female
Father: Moshe (Zacuto) EPSTEIN (1861-1913)
Mother: Augusta SCHRENTZ (1861-1954)
Birth 1899 Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Death 1988 (age 88-89) Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Child 1: Stanford RUBACH

Name: Stanford RUBACH
Sex: Male

Child 2: Charlotte RUBACH

Name: Charlotte RUBACH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Marvin DEROVEN (1921-1994)

Child 3: Elaine RUBACH

Name: Elaine RUBACH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ed KLEIN

Child 4: Irene RUBACH

Name: Irene RUBACH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Dave ANBENDER ( - )