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Family of Toby Meyer SPECTOR and Bernice La, V. AHLSTROM

Husband: Toby Meyer SPECTOR (1925-2004)
Wife: Bernice La, V. AHLSTROM (1926- )
Children: Kathy Lynn SPECTOR
Irving Richard SPECTOR
Keith Thomas SPECTOR
Kenneth Mark SPECTOR (1960-1980)
Marriage Dec 30, 1949 Orange, TX

Husband: Toby Meyer SPECTOR

Name: Toby Meyer SPECTOR
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph H. SPECTOR ( - )
Mother: Sarah ROSEN (1889-1975)
Birth Nov 12, 1925
Death May 31, 2004 (age 78) Orange, TX

Wife: Bernice La, V. AHLSTROM

Name: Bernice La, V. AHLSTROM
Sex: Female
Father: Abel AHLSTROM ( - )
Mother: Olla DAVIS ( - )
Birth Aug 13, 1926 Orange, TX

Child 1: Kathy Lynn SPECTOR

Name: Kathy Lynn SPECTOR
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: David W. HOLMES ( -1995)
Spouse 2: Ronnie N. ADDISON ( -2000)
Spouse 3: Russell "Rusty" Warren JOHNSON

Child 2: Debra Sue SPECTOR

Name: Debra Sue SPECTOR
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Fred MONTGOMERY
Spouse 2: Mack L. HAMILTON
Spouse 3: Keith J. JANNISE

Child 3: Irving Richard SPECTOR

Name: Irving Richard SPECTOR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Merry

Child 4: Keith Thomas SPECTOR

Name: Keith Thomas SPECTOR
Sex: Male

Child 5: Kenneth Mark SPECTOR

Name: Kenneth Mark SPECTOR
Sex: Male
Birth Apr 3, 1960 Orange, TX
Death Aug, 1980 (age 20) Orange, TX