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Family of Donald CANVASSER and Natalie FREEDMAN

Husband: Donald CANVASSER (1919-2001)
Wife: Natalie FREEDMAN
Children: Sandra Ann "Sandi" CANVASSER

Husband: Donald CANVASSER

Name: Donald CANVASSER
Sex: Male
Father: Charles CANVASSER (1897-1954)
Mother: Ada "Addie" SOLOVICH (1897-1985)
Birth Aug 16, 1919
Death Sep 22, 2001 (age 82)

Wife: Natalie FREEDMAN

Name: Natalie FREEDMAN
Sex: Female
Father: David FREEDMAN ( - )
Mother: Sara ( - )

Child 1: Sandra Ann "Sandi" CANVASSER

Name: Sandra Ann "Sandi" CANVASSER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas MILLMAN

Child 2: Charles M. CANVASSER

Name: Charles M. CANVASSER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Marci MARGOLIS ( - )