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Family of Milton Alfred PEARLSTINE and Cecile Dessa MAYER

Husband: Milton Alfred PEARLSTINE (1899-1994)
Wife: Cecile Dessa MAYER (c. 1912- )
Children: Mary Ann PEARLSTINE
Barbara Harriet PEARLSTINE
Marriage Jul 17, 1933

Husband: Milton Alfred PEARLSTINE

Name: Milton Alfred PEARLSTINE
Sex: Male
Father: Hyman PEARLSTINE (1870-1934)
Mother: Esther "Edie" STRAUSS (1874-1948)
Birth Jul 15, 1899 Mayesville, Sumter County, SC
Death 1994 (age 94-95) Charleston, SC

Wife: Cecile Dessa MAYER

Name: Cecile Dessa MAYER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1912 Little Rock, AR

Child 1: Mary Ann PEARLSTINE

Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward ABERMAN (1932-2000)

Child 2: Barbara Harriet PEARLSTINE

Name: Barbara Harriet PEARLSTINE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Allen Lawrence LEMEL