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Family of Meyer BLOOM and Judith MIRVISS

Husband: Meyer BLOOM (1927-1970)
Wife: Judith MIRVISS
Children: David BLOOM
Marsha BLOOM

Husband: Meyer BLOOM

Name: Meyer BLOOM
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1927
Death 1970 (age 42-43)

Wife: Judith MIRVISS

Name: Judith MIRVISS
Sex: Female
Father: Jacob (Yakov) MIRVISS (1898-2002)
Mother: Lilian MARGOLIN (1902-1985)

Child 1: David BLOOM

Name: David BLOOM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dalia AVRAHAM

Child 2: Rena BLOOM

Name: Rena BLOOM
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jacob SCHOR

Child 3: Marsha BLOOM

Name: Marsha BLOOM
Sex: Female
Spouse: Gidon HOLLAND