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Family of Jacob (Yakov) MIRVISS and Lilian MARGOLIN

Husband: Jacob (Yakov) MIRVISS (1898-2002)
Wife: Lilian MARGOLIN (1902-1985)
Children: Judith MIRVISS

Husband: Jacob (Yakov) MIRVISS

Name: Jacob (Yakov) MIRVISS
Sex: Male
Father: Meyer David MIRVISS (1877-1955)
Mother: Masha NEVIASKY (1873-1974)
Birth Dec 3, 1898 Kovno, Lithuania
Death Feb 19, 2002 (age 103) Kibbutz Urim, Israel

Wife: Lilian MARGOLIN

Name: Lilian MARGOLIN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1902
Death 1985 (age 82-83)

Child 1: Judith MIRVISS

Name: Judith MIRVISS
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Reuben CRIDEN
Spouse 2: Meyer BLOOM (1927-1970)

Child 2: Carmen MIRVISS

Name: Carmen MIRVISS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Aaron POLLACK

Note on Husband: Jacob (Yakov) MIRVISS

Immigrated to U.S. in 1907, two years after Meyer David Mirviss

Born in Kovne, Lithuania. Immigrated to Minneapolus in 1906, joining

his father Meyer David. BA, Phys. Ed., U. Minn. Attended for Jewish

Social Work, NY. First job, Jewish Community Center, Omaha. Worked in

JCC, New Haven, CN. Returned to Minneapolis in 1934, became Director,

Emanuel Cohen Center for ten years. In 1944, moved to Milwaukee,

oversaw construction of new Jewish Center building. In 1954 moved to

Athen, OH, Director, Hillel House, at University. In 1963, received

MA in Physical Education, from Univ. At age 68, made aliya with wife

and daughter Carmel and her family. Lived for 34 years in Kibbutz

Urim, DN Negev 85530, Israel. Tel: 07-992-0426. Social Group Worker,

in Jewish Community Centers. Was Director of the Hillel Foundation at

the Univ. of Ohio when he retired in 1967 and immigrated to Israel, to

join his daughter and her family.

Mark Mirviss believes his birth date to be 9/12/1899.

Note on Wife: Lilian MARGOLIN

Attorney, Minneapolis, MN