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Family of Homer BINGHAM and Marty ATWOOD

Husband: Homer BINGHAM ( - )
Wife: Marty ATWOOD ( - )
Children: Alonzo Landon BINGHAM (1816-1893)
Laura L. BINGHAM (1818- )
James Harvey BINGHAM (1820- )
Homer BINGHAM (1823- )
Euphemia BINGHAM (1825-1899)
Phoebe BINGHAM (1827-1847)
Sarah BINGHAM (1829-1829)
Mary BINGHAM (1830-1899)

Husband: Homer BINGHAM

Name: Homer BINGHAM
Sex: Male
Father: Vine BINGHAM ( - )
Mother: Huldah MARKHAM ( - )

Wife: Marty ATWOOD

Name: Marty ATWOOD
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Alonzo Landon BINGHAM

Name: Alonzo Landon BINGHAM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Louisa Marie FOLSOM ( - )
Birth Aug 18, 1816
Death Jan 25, 1893 (age 76) Saginaw, Saginaw County, MI

Child 2: Laura L. BINGHAM

Name: Laura L. BINGHAM
Sex: Female
Spouse: Aaron WEEKS ( - )
Birth Mar 5, 1818

Child 3: James Harvey BINGHAM

Name: James Harvey BINGHAM
Sex: Male
Birth Mar 13, 1820

Child 4: Homer BINGHAM

Name: Homer BINGHAM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eliza MUNGER ( - )
Birth Feb 5, 1823 Perry Center, Wyoming County, NY
Title Jr.

Child 5: Euphemia BINGHAM

Name: Euphemia BINGHAM
Sex: Female
Spouse: Giles HUBBARD (1817-1876)
Birth Apr 27, 1825 New York
census 1870 Aug 3, 1870 (age 45) Mt. Clemens, MI
Death Jul 1, 1899 (age 74) Mt. Clemens, Macomb Co., MI
"Mrs. Euphemia Hubbard died Saturday, after a long sickness, aged 73
years. The funeral was from the residence Monday, services being
conducted by Rev. Mr. Mosser.
"Mrs. Hubbard was the widow of Giles Hubbard, one of the eminent
attorneys of Macomb county, who died more than 20 years ago. Mrs.
Hubbard's maiden name was Bingham, and she was sister of Mrs. Laura
Weeks and Mrs. Mary Sackett, who died a few weeks ago. Of the four
sisters and three brothers of the Bingham family, Mrs. Weeks is the
sole survivor.
"Mrs. Hubbard was the mother of seven children, of whom four
survive. She was deservedly one of the most esteemed of the pioneer
residents of Mt. Clemens. She was a member of the Presbyterian
(Mt. Clemens Monitor, July 7, 1899)
Probate Jul 10, 1899 Mt. Clemins, Macomb Co., MI
"The will of the late Euphemia Hubbard was filed for probate on
Monday. The estate is estimated at $25,000 in realty and $200 in
personal effects. After the disposition of certain personalty the
estate is divided equally among the four children, Mrs. Dillon, Mrs.
Campbell, Giles Hubbard, and Barton Hubbard."
(Mt. Clemens Monitor, July 14, 1899)

Child 6: Phoebe BINGHAM

Name: Phoebe BINGHAM
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 13, 1827 Perry Center, Wyoming County, NY
Death Aug 4, 1847 (age 20)

Child 7: Sarah BINGHAM

Name: Sarah BINGHAM
Sex: Female
Birth Jul 13, 1829
Death Aug 17, 1829 (age 0)

Child 8: Mary BINGHAM

Name: Mary BINGHAM
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas L. SACKETT ( - )
Birth Jul 27, 1830 Perry Center, Wyoming County, NY
Death Jun 1, 1899 (age 68)