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Family of Anthony "Tony" SGRO and Ernestine Louise ASCHER

Husband: Anthony "Tony" SGRO ( -2004)
Wife: Ernestine Louise ASCHER
Children: Toni Janette "T.J." SGRO
April Ann SGRO

Husband: Anthony "Tony" SGRO

Name: Anthony "Tony" SGRO
Sex: Male
Father: Paul SGRO ( - )
Mother: Sara Rose DEMARCO ( - )
Death Dec 17, 2004 New Mexico

Wife: Ernestine Louise ASCHER

Name: Ernestine Louise ASCHER
Sex: Female
Father: Solomon Simon "Sol" ASCHER (1879-1935)
Mother: Janet Margerat "Jenny" "Gaga" CHRISTIANSEN (1888-1978)

Child 1: Toni Janette "T.J." SGRO

Name: Toni Janette "T.J." SGRO
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Michael Alan METZGER
Spouse 2: Gary PAXTON
Spouse 3: David STETLER ( -2002)

Child 2: April Ann SGRO

Name: April Ann SGRO
Sex: Female
Spouse: Nelson "Skip" RIDDLE