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Family of Harry Arthur COURT (Ascher) and Hazel Elizabeth WEIS

Husband: Harry Arthur COURT (Ascher) (1907-2001)
Wife: Hazel Elizabeth WEIS (1904-1969)
Children: Jacob Joseph ASCHER (1942-1942)
David Paul ASCHER
Marriage Jun 19, 1937 Port Clinton, OH

Husband: Harry Arthur COURT (Ascher)

Name: Harry Arthur COURT (Ascher)
Sex: Male
Father: Solomon Simon "Sol" ASCHER (1879-1935)
Mother: Janet Margerat "Jenny" "Gaga" CHRISTIANSEN (1888-1978)
Birth Oct 25, 1907 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
Christening (adult) May 28, 1937 (age 29) Port Clinton, OH
Death Nov 26, 2001 (age 94) Port Clinton, OH
Burial Nov 29, 2001 Port Clinton, OH

Wife: Hazel Elizabeth WEIS

Name: Hazel Elizabeth WEIS
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph Paul WEIS ( - )
Mother: Magdalena HAESEL ( - )
Birth Jan 13, 1904 Port Clinton, OH
Death May 22, 1969 (age 65) Port Clinton, OH
Burial May 26, 1969 Port Clinton, OH

Child 1: Jacob Joseph ASCHER

Name: Jacob Joseph ASCHER
Sex: Male
Birth Mar 14, 1942 Port Clinton, OH
Death Mar 14, 1942 (age 0) Port Clinton, OH

Child 2: David Paul ASCHER

Name: David Paul ASCHER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Beverly Ann GANNON

Note on Husband: Harry Arthur COURT (Ascher)

Natural father was Asa Court but Simon Ascher adopted him, though it

was never a legal adoption. Janet Christiansen was his natural