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Family of Jacob Albert "J Albert" WEINBERG and Doris A. GUHRING

Husband: Jacob Albert "J Albert" WEINBERG (1909-1989)
Wife: Doris A. GUHRING (1923-2005)
Children: Barbara Louise WEINBERG
Marriage Jan 14, 1955 Washington, DC

Husband: Jacob Albert "J Albert" WEINBERG

Name: Jacob Albert "J Albert" WEINBERG
Sex: Male
Father: Jacob Albert "Jake" WEINBERG (1879-1952)
Mother: Flora MOSES (1880-1948)
Birth May 23, 1909 Manning, SC
Title Jr.
Death May, 1989 (age 79-80) Arlington, VA

Wife: Doris A. GUHRING

Name: Doris A. GUHRING
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Apr 22, 1923 Waterbury, CT
Death Feb 19, 2005 (age 81) Silver Spring, MD

Child 1: Barbara Louise WEINBERG

Name: Barbara Louise WEINBERG
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: M. Reinhardt TEETOR
Spouse 2: Lawrence GAFFIGAN

Child 2: Susan Beth WEINBERG

Name: Susan Beth WEINBERG
Sex: Female
Spouse: James Gerhardt MUNCEY