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Family of Chaikel YEVREISKI and Chana "Hanna" CHATIVA

Husband: Chaikel YEVREISKI ( -aft1944)
Wife: Chana "Hanna" CHATIVA ( - )
Children: Tuvia YEVREISKI (Irvy) ( - )
Zalman YEVREISKI (Irvy) ( - )
Keyla "Clara" YEVREISKI ( - )

Husband: Chaikel YEVREISKI

Name: Chaikel YEVREISKI
Sex: Male
Father: David YEVREISKI ( - )
Mother: Keyla "Clara" HERCZEG (1856-1926)
Birth Goniondz, Poland
Death aft 1944 Bialystok, Russia

Wife: Chana "Hanna" CHATIVA

Name: Chana "Hanna" CHATIVA
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Tuvia YEVREISKI (Irvy)

Name: Tuvia YEVREISKI (Irvy)
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah ( - )
Immigration aft 1944 to Israel

Child 2: Zalman YEVREISKI (Irvy)

Name: Zalman YEVREISKI (Irvy)
Sex: Male
Spouse: Raya DRUSKOVITZ ( - )
Immigration aft 1944 to Israel

Child 3: Keyla "Clara" YEVREISKI

Name: Keyla "Clara" YEVREISKI
Sex: Female
Spouse: Siege KRAMER ( - )
Immigration aft 1944 to Israel

Note on Husband: Chaikel YEVREISKI

Chiakel born, raised and lived in Goniondz, Poland, married Hanna and

had 2 sons, Tuvia ans Zalman and a daughter, Keyla (Clara). Hanna was

murdered by the Nazis. Chaikel managed to keep his children out of

the hands of the Germans and hostile Poles until the Russians came in

1944. He died in Bailystock not too long after that, just before his

children set out for Israel (where they still lived in 1985).

This information is taken from a family history that Leo Goldberg

wrote in 1985.