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Family of Paul Henri BOIRE and Josephte LAFONTAINE-SUPRENANT

Husband: Paul Henri BOIRE (1812-1885)
Wife: Josephte LAFONTAINE-SUPRENANT (1815-1905)
Children: Georgine BOIRE (1840- )
Magloire BOIRE (1840- )
Josephine BOIRE (1840- )
Hermine BOIRE (1840- )
Alphonsine BOIRE (1841-1900)
Alphonse BOIRE (1845-aft1901)
Joseph Marin BOIRE (1851-1930)
Henri BOIRE (1852-1860)
Marriage Oct 13, 1840 Laprairie, Quebec, Canada

Husband: Paul Henri BOIRE

Name: Paul Henri BOIRE
Sex: Male
Father: Fran├žois BOIRE (1779-1842)
Mother: Josephte DUPUIS (bef1790-aft1812)
Birth Apr 13, 1812 Laprairie, Quebec, Canada
Death Jul 14, 1885 (age 73) Grandby, Quebec, Canada


Sex: Female
Father: Francois LAFONTAINE-SUPRENANT (bef1800- )
Mother: Marie COUPAL (bef1800- )
Birth Sep 29, 1815
Death 1905 (age 89-90)

Child 1: Georgine BOIRE

Name: Georgine BOIRE
Sex: Female
Birth 1840

Child 2: Magloire BOIRE

Name: Magloire BOIRE
Sex: Male
Birth 1840 Quebec, Canada

Child 3: Josephine BOIRE

Name: Josephine BOIRE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henri DEL? ( - )
Birth 1840 Quebec, Canada

Child 4: Hermine BOIRE

Name: Hermine BOIRE
Sex: Male
Birth 1840

Child 5: Alphonsine BOIRE

Name: Alphonsine BOIRE
Sex: Female
Birth Jul 14, 1841
Death Jul 14, 1900 (age 59) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Child 6: Alphonse BOIRE

Name: Alphonse BOIRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mathilde (1851-aft1901)
Birth Jan 10, 1845 Quebec, Canada
deed 1893 (age 47-48) Granby, Quebec, Canada
At this time, he paid $300.00 for the lot (the historical society of
Granby, Quebec, Canada)
resided 1896 (age 50-51) Granby, Quebec, Canada
He built this house somewhere in between 1893 and 1896. In 1896, the
worth of the lot and the house is $1,800.00 (In August 2008, Serge
Lavoie just bought this for $380,000.)
Death aft 1901 (age 55-56)

Child 7: Joseph Marin BOIRE

Name: Joseph Marin BOIRE
Sex: Male
Spouse: O'Dile L'HUSSIER (1853-1922)
Birth Oct 3, 1851
Death Aug 28, 1930 (age 78) St. Placide, Quebec, Canada

Child 8: Henri BOIRE

Name: Henri BOIRE
Sex: Male
Birth 1852 Quebec, Canada
Death Sep 24, 1860 (age 7-8) St. Jacques, Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

Note on Husband: Paul Henri BOIRE

Francis's notes say he died in 1985, but this has to be miswritten.

Witnesses to wedding were Frantois Xavier Boire, Frantois Surprenant,

Camile Boire, Joseph Longtin, and many others.