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Family of Jacob PEARLSTINE and Sarah

Husband: Jacob PEARLSTINE (c. 1815-aft1850)
Wife: Sarah (c. 1820-aft1880)
Children: Samuel W. PEARLSTINE (1850- )

Husband: Jacob PEARLSTINE

Sex: Male
Father: Abraham PEARLSTINE (c. 1790- )
Mother: Ida LAPIDUS (c. 1795- )
Birth c. 1815 Prussia
Death aft 1850 (age 34-35) Charleston, SC

Wife: Sarah

Name: Sarah
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1820 Prussia
Death aft 1880 (age 59-60) Charleston, SC

Child 1: Samuel W. PEARLSTINE

Name: Samuel W. PEARLSTINE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sally (1855- )
Birth 1850 South Carolina

Note on Husband: Jacob PEARLSTINE

The first born sons of both Lewis and Samuel are named Jacob. It is

presumed that Jewish tradition would name them for a dead grandfather,

hence Jacob is given to this person. However, it seems, that Jacob

(brother of Tanchum) was a reveared uncle and an important member of

the family that made it to America