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Family of Tanchum "Thomas" PEARLSTINE and Jeanette KARESH

Husband: Tanchum "Thomas" PEARLSTINE (c. 1817-1877)
Wife: Jeanette KARESH (c. 1819-1897)
Children: Lewis Charles PEARLSTINE (c. 1835- )
Fayge Etta PEARLSTINE (1842-1856)
Isaac Moses PEARLSTINE (1844-1911)
Miriam Rose PEARLSTINE (1845-1856)
Samuel Wolfe "Wolfe" PEARLSTINE (1847-1922)
Beila Leah "Lena" PEARLSTINE (1849-1939)
Sarah Hannah PEARLSTINE (1853-1903)
Abraham Joseph PEARLSTINE (c. 1859-c. 1860)
Marriage c. 1832

Husband: Tanchum "Thomas" PEARLSTINE

Name: Tanchum "Thomas" PEARLSTINE
Sex: Male
Father: Abraham PEARLSTINE (c. 1790- )
Mother: Ida LAPIDUS (c. 1795- )
Birth c. 1817 Trzcianne, Poland
Immigration 1854 (age 36-37) to New York, NY
Death Jun 2, 1877 (age 59-60) Charleston, SC
Burial Charleston, SC

Wife: Jeanette KARESH

Name: Jeanette KARESH
Sex: Female
Father: Jacob KARESH (c. 1795- )
Mother: Rebecca (c. 1800- )
Birth c. 1819 Trzcianne, Poland
Immigration 1856 (age 36-37) to New Orleans, LA
Death Nov 20, 1897 (age 77-78) Brancheville, SC
Burial Charleston, SC

Child 1: Lewis Charles PEARLSTINE

Name: Lewis Charles PEARLSTINE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rebecca Miriam TOBISH (c. 1845-1917)
Birth c. 1835 Trzcianne, Poland
Immigration 1856 (age 20-21) to New Orleans, LA

Child 2: Fayge Etta PEARLSTINE

Name: Fayge Etta PEARLSTINE
Sex: Female
Birth 1842 Trestina, Poland
Death Aug, 1856 (age 13-14)

Child 3: Isaac Moses PEARLSTINE

Name: Isaac Moses PEARLSTINE
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Rebecca BRILLES (c. 1860-c. 1961)
Spouse 2: Mary HYAMS (1848-1873)
Spouse 3: Sally "Sara" HYAMS (1849-1875)
Birth Dec 25, 1844 Trzcianne, Poland
Immigration 1854 (age 9-10) to New York, NY
resided Aug, 1854 (age 9) Charleston, SC
Death Jan 29, 1911 (age 66) Charleston, SC

Child 4: Miriam Rose PEARLSTINE

Name: Miriam Rose PEARLSTINE
Sex: Female
Birth 1845 Trzcianne, Poland
Death Aug 26, 1856 (age 10-11)

Child 5: Samuel Wolfe "Wolfe" PEARLSTINE

Name: Samuel Wolfe "Wolfe" PEARLSTINE
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Sallie LIVINGSTON (1855-1898)
Spouse 2: Rebecca LIPMAN (1853-1923)
Birth Dec, 1847 Trzcianne, Poland
Immigration 1856 (age 8-9) to New Orleans, LA
Death Sep 11, 1922 (age 74) Bamberg, SC

Child 6: Beila Leah "Lena" PEARLSTINE

Name: Beila Leah "Lena" PEARLSTINE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Hyman R. BERKMAN (c. 1842- )
Birth Dec 26, 1849 Tresteny, Russia
Immigration 1856 (age 6-7) to New Orleans, LA
Death Jun 23, 1939 (age 89) Charleston, SC
Burial Magnolia, Charleston, SC

Child 7: Sarah Hannah PEARLSTINE

Name: Sarah Hannah PEARLSTINE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Bernard TOBISH (c. 1848- )
Birth 1853 Trzcianne, Poland
Immigration 1856 (age 2-3) to New Orleans, LA
Death Jan 31, 1903 (age 49-50) Trenton, NJ

Child 8: Abraham Joseph PEARLSTINE

Name: Abraham Joseph PEARLSTINE
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1859 Due West, SC
Death c. 1860 (age 0-1) Due West, SC

Note on Husband: Tanchum "Thomas" PEARLSTINE

Came over in 1854 to New York, then on to Charlestown with son Isaac


Note on Wife: Jeanette KARESH

First left Poland in Fall 1855, after Sukkoh. Had to turn back. Left

for good in spring of 1856, around Pesach, with 4 daughters, 2 sons,

and brother Jacob. Two daughters ate poisoned food and died at sea.

Possibly only daughters and son Wolfe sailed from England to New

Orleans in 1856. They remained in New Orleans for several months

before securing passage to Charleston, SC. Lived in Charleston 6

months, moved to Columbia, SC for 6 months, then settled in Due West,