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Family of Nathan BERKMAN and Hannah MENDELSOHN

Husband: Nathan BERKMAN (1901-1978)
Wife: Hannah MENDELSOHN (c. 1901-1972)
Children: Sara Lee BERKMAN
Charlotte BERKMAN
Marriage Mar 15, 1927 Charleston, SC

Husband: Nathan BERKMAN

Name: Nathan BERKMAN
Sex: Male
Father: Jacob BERKMAN (1867-1927)
Mother: Gertrude ZACHARIS (1867-1959)
Birth Aug 16, 1901 Charleston, SC
Death Jun 7, 1978 (age 76) Atlanta, Fulton County, GA
Burial Charleston, SC


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: Fay ( - )
Birth c. 1901
Death May 7, 1972 (age 70-71) Atlanta, Fulton County, GA

Child 1: Sara Lee BERKMAN

Name: Sara Lee BERKMAN
Sex: Female

Child 2: Charlotte BERKMAN

Name: Charlotte BERKMAN
Sex: Female

Child 3: Harriet BERKMAN

Name: Harriet BERKMAN
Sex: Female

Note on Wife: Hannah MENDELSOHN

Died: age 71, Jewish Nursing Home, Atlanta, Georgia. The Bandbox

where she was a saleslady was owned by her mother, Fay Mendelsohn.

Rosalia writes 7/94: Hannah was a very jealous person. Her mother

who was a very fine person, when she made a trip to New York she had

to bring Hannah 2 gifts and her 2 daughters-in-law one gift.