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Family of Jacob BERKMAN and Gertrude ZACHARIS

Husband: Jacob BERKMAN (1867-1927)
Wife: Gertrude ZACHARIS (1867-1959)
Children: Herman Rubin BERKMAN (1898-1988)
Selig "Sidney" BERKMAN (1899-1970)
Nathan BERKMAN (1901-1978)
Rosalia BERKMAN (1905-2000)
Marriage Jun 9, 1897 Charleston, SC

Husband: Jacob BERKMAN

Name: Jacob BERKMAN
Sex: Male
Father: Hyman R. BERKMAN (c. 1842- )
Mother: Beila Leah "Lena" PEARLSTINE (1849-1939)
Birth May 29, 1867 Charleston, SC
Death Apr 2, 1927 (age 59) Charleston, SC
Burial Apr, 1927 Magnolia, Charleston, SC

Wife: Gertrude ZACHARIS

Name: Gertrude ZACHARIS
Sex: Female
Father: Selig ZACHARIS (c. 1842-bef1900)
Mother: Rosalia PELTZ (c. 1847-bef1905)
Birth Aug 14, 1867 Charleston, SC
Death Jan 18, 1959 (age 91) Charleston, SC

Child 1: Herman Rubin BERKMAN

Name: Herman Rubin BERKMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edythe FUNDERBURG ( - )
Birth May 23, 1898 Charleston, SC
Death Jan 28, 1988 (age 89) James Island, SC
Burial Charleston, SC

Child 2: Selig "Sidney" BERKMAN

Name: Selig "Sidney" BERKMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dora FRIEDMAN (c. 1904-1976)
Birth Jul 2, 1899 Charleston, SC
Death Aug 6, 1970 (age 71) St. Petersburg, FL

Child 3: Nathan BERKMAN

Name: Nathan BERKMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hannah MENDELSOHN (c. 1901-1972)
Birth Aug 16, 1901 Charleston, SC
Death Jun 7, 1978 (age 76) Atlanta, Fulton County, GA
Burial Charleston, SC

Child 4: Rosalia BERKMAN

Name: Rosalia BERKMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph S. HART (1901-1987)
Birth Dec 15, 1905 Charleston, SC
Death Jan 10, 2000 (age 94) Charleston, SC

Note on Husband: Jacob BERKMAN

Born: Wednesday 12-1PM, Charleston, South Carolina.

Died: at home, 4 Carolina Street, Charleston, SC., age 60.

Rosalia Berkman Hart writes: "Jeweler by trade, Sexton for K.K.B.S.

Synagogue on St. Phillip St. for several years until Sidney bought a

home for us on Carolina Street. Then we were all happy. I can

remember my mother saying she "lost the best friend she ever had."