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Family of Henry B. BAMBERG and Miriam EPSTIN

Husband: Henry B. BAMBERG (1858-1919)
Wife: Miriam EPSTIN (1862-1927)
Children: J. Sol BAMBERG (1889-1953)

Husband: Henry B. BAMBERG

Name: Henry B. BAMBERG
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1858
Death 1919 (age 60-61) Columbia, SC

Wife: Miriam EPSTIN

Name: Miriam EPSTIN
Sex: Female
Father: Philip EPSTIN (1836-1921)
Mother: Elizabeth "Lizzie" WOLF (c. 1837-1892)
Birth 1862 Columbia, SC
Death 1927 (age 64-65) Columbia, SC

Child 1: J. Sol BAMBERG

Name: J. Sol BAMBERG
Sex: Male
Spouse: Miriam F. (1895-1962)
Birth Oct 30, 1889 Columbia, SC
Death Jun 2, 1953 (age 63)