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Family of Hersch Eliezer WEISSENBERG and Chana DOMINITZ

Husband: Hersch Eliezer WEISSENBERG ( -1906)
Wife: Chana DOMINITZ (1883-1942)
Children: Basia (Frieda) WEISSENBERG (1902-1990)

Husband: Hersch Eliezer WEISSENBERG

Name: Hersch Eliezer WEISSENBERG
Sex: Male
Father: Nathan Menachem Mendel WEISSENBERG (c. 1840-1911)
Mother: Basia KINGSLING (c. 1843-c. 1902)
Birth Tarnow, Poland
Death 1906 Tarnow, Poland

Wife: Chana DOMINITZ

Name: Chana DOMINITZ
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1883 Sieniawa, Poland
Death 1942 (age 58-59) Tarnow, Poland

Child 1: Basia (Frieda) WEISSENBERG

Name: Basia (Frieda) WEISSENBERG
Sex: Female
Spouse: Kalman BUXTON (1904-1980)
Birth Apr 10, 1902 Tarnow, Poland
Death Sep 6, 1990 (age 88) Melbourne, Australia

Note on Husband: Hersch Eliezer WEISSENBERG

Died when daughter and only child Basia was only a toddler; he

pre-deceased his own father by 4 yrs.

Note on Wife: Chana DOMINITZ


Had a shop in Poland, sold herrings (Louise visited at age 3 in 1933

and remembers falling over a barrel of herrings.) Possibly Tarnow.