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Family of Frank M. PILLEY and Marian KERR

Husband: Frank M. PILLEY (1896- )
Wife: Marian KERR (1897- )
Children: Lois PILLEY
Dale Fuller PILLEY
Marriage Jun 20, 1920 Omaha, NE

Husband: Frank M. PILLEY

Name: Frank M. PILLEY
Sex: Male
Father: John George Cecil PILLEY (1868-1936)
Mother: Anna "Tot" WELLS (1872-1949)
Birth Dec 9, 1896 Wymore, NE

Wife: Marian KERR

Name: Marian KERR
Sex: Female
Father: H.P. KERR ( - )
Mother: -
Birth Jan 27, 1897 Omaha, NE

Child 1: Lois PILLEY

Name: Lois PILLEY
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Charles ROHDE
Spouse 2: R.J. MATTINGLY

Child 2: Eloise PILLEY

Name: Eloise PILLEY
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Sam BLAIR (1922-1966)
Spouse 2: George THOMAS

Child 3: Dale Fuller PILLEY

Name: Dale Fuller PILLEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ina Jeanne TURNER