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Family of Louis "Sonny" FRIEDMAN and Frances RUBIN

Husband: Louis "Sonny" FRIEDMAN (1918-1978)
Wife: Frances RUBIN (1923-1979)
Children: Joel FRIEDMAN
Debbie FRIEDMAN (1950-1992)

Husband: Louis "Sonny" FRIEDMAN

Name: Louis "Sonny" FRIEDMAN
Sex: Male
Father: Philip Bernard FRIEDMAN (1885-1962)
Mother: Rosa "Rose" HELMAN (1895-1953)
Birth 1918
Death 1978 (age 59-60)

Wife: Frances RUBIN

Name: Frances RUBIN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1923
Death 1979 (age 55-56)

Child 1: Joel FRIEDMAN

Sex: Male
Spouse: Tevia RUBEN

Child 2: Debbie FRIEDMAN

Name: Debbie FRIEDMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward ZISSMAN
Birth 1950
Death 1992 (age 41-42)