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Family of Hyman R. BERKMAN and Beila Leah "Lena" PEARLSTINE

Husband: Hyman R. BERKMAN (c. 1842- )
Wife: Beila Leah "Lena" PEARLSTINE (1849-1939)
Children: Samuel BERKMAN ( - )
Jacob BERKMAN (1867-1927)
Agnes BERKMAN (c. 1868- )
Theodore BERKMAN (1870- )
Marriage c. 1866

Husband: Hyman R. BERKMAN

Name: Hyman R. BERKMAN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1842
Death Charleston, SC

Wife: Beila Leah "Lena" PEARLSTINE

Name: Beila Leah "Lena" PEARLSTINE
Sex: Female
Father: Tanchum "Thomas" PEARLSTINE (c. 1817-1877)
Mother: Jeanette KARESH (c. 1819-1897)
Birth Dec 26, 1849 Tresteny, Russia
Immigration 1856 (age 6-7) to New Orleans, LA
Death Jun 23, 1939 (age 89) Charleston, SC
Burial Magnolia, Charleston, SC

Child 1: Samuel BERKMAN

Name: Samuel BERKMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Florence ASHER (c. 1876- )

Child 2: Jacob BERKMAN

Name: Jacob BERKMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Gertrude ZACHARIS (1867-1959)
Birth May 29, 1867 Charleston, SC
Death Apr 2, 1927 (age 59) Charleston, SC
Burial Apr, 1927 Magnolia, Charleston, SC

Child 3: Agnes BERKMAN

Name: Agnes BERKMAN
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1868 Charleston, SC

Child 4: Theodore BERKMAN

Name: Theodore BERKMAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1870

Note on Wife: Beila Leah "Lena" PEARLSTINE

Translation of gravemarker: A straight and pure woman who feared G-d

and did good deeds all the days of her life for the benefit of her


Sailed to Charleston, SC in December 1856 via New Ofleans. Ship sailed

from Liverpool, England. En route, two sisters were poisoned and died

at sea. Diary available, an edited version printed in "America, Sweet

Land of Liberty" entitled Voyage to America: eleven weeks on a "sail