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Family of Allan Mercer FISHER and Myrna Elizabeth PILLEY

Husband: Allan Mercer FISHER (1903-1965)
Wife: Myrna Elizabeth PILLEY (1901- )
Children: Myrna Elizabeth "Jerri" FISHER
Marriage Oct 18, 1930 Kansas City, MO

Husband: Allan Mercer FISHER

Name: Allan Mercer FISHER
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Allan FISHER (1870-1942)
Mother: Anne Carolyn MERCER (1878-1943)
Birth Jan 1, 1903 St. Charles, IL
Death Aug 27, 1965 (age 62) Kansas City, MO

Wife: Myrna Elizabeth PILLEY

Name: Myrna Elizabeth PILLEY
Sex: Female
Father: Frank E. PILLEY (1876-1949)
Mother: Marie Frances NELSON (1877-1949)
Birth Feb 17, 1901 Omaha, NE

Child 1: Myrna Elizabeth "Jerri" FISHER

Name: Myrna Elizabeth "Jerri" FISHER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Elmer J. "Pete" CORPENY